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A confidential interactive space for self-discovery


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HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN...It's Happening!

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN offers online courses, interactive DIY tools, and coaching to help people snap out of self-absorbed patterns and improve their lives and relationships by fostering effective communication and conflict resolution.   The HWH Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program consists of a Holistic Wellness Self-assessment and six courses, all of which are available both as eCourses and eBooks.


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HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™ creates a relaxing, safe, private healing space for you to conquer your fears, get out of your own way and learn to live as a Happy Whole Human–radiant, happy, and fulfilled.  Many people seek HWH because they have a sense that something is wrong, and they need help either figuring out what it is and making a change, or moving forward.  Via online courses, DIY tools, forums, and tele-coaching, we provide confidential healing spaces of unconditional acceptance to simply be who you are and get the support, information, and tools you need to improve your life and relationships.

Happy Whole Human wellness is a lifestyle.  It means:

   1.  Being mindful enough to separate yourself from your emotions and manage your stress and feelings effectively. 

   2.  Connecting with your family, friends, and colleagues without losing yourself or trying to control them. 

   3. Focusing on what gives meaning and purpose to your life, learning something new, and seeking personal satisfaction through your life’s work while living within your means.  

HWH wellness is a state of balanced health that we can all aspire to regardless of where we start.

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 HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN Holistic Wellness

A Comprehensive Program Designed to Foster Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution 
by Cultivating both Individual Well-being and Relationship Quality.


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The HWH programs and offerings are based on Founder Dr. Lisa Leit's research on the importance of overcoming patterns of self-absorption and codependence to work towards compassionate mutuality, a balance between your own and others' needs and desires.  The HWH Mutuality Model, innovative DIY tools, and empowering support are designed to adeptly cultivate individuals' innate capacity for functional interdependence.  Her findings suggest that:

    1.  Interpersonal drama, lapses in productivity, and overall stress and dissatisfaction are closely related to imbalances in how we treat ourselves and others.

    2.  Self-absorbed and codependent patterns characterize the overwhelming majority of relationships and are risk factors for problems with physical and mental health, as well as for negative relationship outcomes.  

By factoring relationship dynamics into the HWH Holistic Wellness Self-assessment and our corresponding set of courses and offerings, HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™ provides the most comprehensive and meaningful conceptualization of wellness to date.

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HWH Holistic Wellness Self-assessment

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™ Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program



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