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Dr. Lisa Leit

Dr. Lisa Leit [ HWH Founder ]


Companies are like people; a good coach will always bring out their best.  Renowned executive coach and University of Texas researcher Dr. Lisa Leit coaches leadership teams for top ranked companies to create winning results.

By fostering effective communication and providing results-based executive coaching, Dr. Leit and her HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN®  team of certified coaches can help great companies get even better.  Her unique, research-based holistic wellness assessment program will identify and address hidden roadblocks to productivity and profit and unleash the power of true collaboration.

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Suzanna Albright

Suzanna Albright [ HWH Coach ]

Dawn Madigan

Dawn Madigan [ HWH Coach ]

Sue Steinfeld

Sue Steinfeld [ HWH Coach ]

Colette Fischer

Colette Fischer [ HWH Coach ]


Executive Coaching and Consultation

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Certified Coaches Gently Provide Empowering Support

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Assessment Program for Individuals and Groups

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Coach Training Level 1: The Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program (6 eCourses)

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Coach Training Level 2: Facilitator Certification eCourse

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Coach Training Level 3: Interactive 12 Week Tele-class

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Master Coach All-in-One Certification Training



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