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HWH Self-hypnosis

HWH Complete Self-hypnosis Library-Set of all 24 Mp3s


Supplement your Happy Whole Human journey with transformative self-hypnosis MP3s.  Enjoy this complete set of all 24 affirming HWH Self-Hypnosis audio file downloads to help guide the way to wholeness for over 50% off individual Mp3 prices.  We provide two options for each of our 12 topics, one with a Deep Sleep ending, and one with an energizing Wake Up! ending.  For that reason, all together, there are 24 Mp3s in this complete, downloadable set.

Artist: Dr. Lisa Leit*
Composer: Mitchell Westmoreland

12 Topics, 24 total Mp3s in this set:

  • Anger Management
    • Deep Sleep  31:13
    • Wake Up  32:30
  • Anxiety Management
    • Deep Sleep 32:15
    • Wake Up 31:30
  • Energy and Confidence
    • Deep Sleep 11:39
    • Wake Up 11:40
  • Freedom from Self-absorption
    • Deep Sleep 31:01
    • Wake Up 32:24
  • Letting Go
    • Deep Sleep 27:13
    • Wake Up 26:44
  • Prosperity
    • Deep Sleep 33:00
    • Wake Up 32:43
  • Recovery from Codependence
    • Deep Sleep 29:15
    • Wake Up 31:33
  • Social Confidence
    • Deep Sleep 31:13
    • Wake Up 30:26
  • Stop Smoking
    • Deep Sleep 34:30
    • Wake Up 34:58
  • Stress Management
    • Deep Sleep 34:26
    • Wake Up 39:11
  • True Self Reminder
    • Deep Sleep 29:37
    • Wake Up 29:46
  • Weight Loss
    • Deep Sleep 32:18
    • Wake Up 30:28
Our Self-Hypnosis audio offerings are designed to complement our Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program and to supplement our HWH Holistic Wellness Coaching and other Do-It-Yourself offerings.

You will have 15 days from the date of purchase to download all 24 Mp3s.


*Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHT 608-415, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Product Description

Hypnosis is a way to access the untapped power of the mind.  Hypnosis is not sleep, but an altered state of consciousness in which a person accesses that part of his or her mind that is capable of effortlessly making lasting positive changes. The outer layer of the mind, or what we think of as consciousness, deals with intelligence, reality, and logic.  The inner mind is concerned with emotion, imagination, and memory, as well as the autonomic nervous system that automatically controls our internal organs (i.e., how we breathe, send oxygen to our blood cells, or walk without using the conscious mind).  The unconscious mind knows how to work without the conscious mind directing it.
The transformative power of hypnotherapy helps to replace internalized limiting beliefs with positive messages and attitudes.  HWH self-hypnosis is a way to access the untapped power of your mind through guided meditation and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance.  In this state of intense relaxation and concentration, the mind is able to focus on positive suggestions about desired responses, attitudes, and behaviors.  These subliminal messages are surprisingly powerful in creating positive change.
Hypnosis is usually considered to be a complement to coaching or counseling rather than a treatment in itself. It is a helpful supplemental tool because the relaxed state allows a person to be more open to changing deeply held beliefs, visualizing the attainment of goals, and overcoming subconscious obstacles.
Use this powerful tool to facilitate the transformative changes while you are in a deeply relaxed, receptive state.  HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™ self-hypnosis is designed to modify undesirable behaviors, emotional content, and attitudes, as well as a wide range of conditions including dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress-related illness, pain management, and personal development.


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