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A private and relaxing virtual space to learn how to balance your life and improve your relationships



What does it look like to transform your life with the  HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® holistic wellness program? It’s a little different for everyone, but just imagine feeling increasingly radiant, happy, and fulfilled. It means being mindful enough to separate yourself from your emotions and manage your stress and feelings effectively. It means connecting with your family and friends without losing yourself or trying to control them. It means focusing on what gives meaning and purpose to your life, learning something new, and seeking personal satisfaction through your life’s work while living within your means. HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® wellness is a state of balanced health that we can all aspire to regardless of where we start. 

The 3-Step

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Program

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1. Assessment

You'll start with the 15-minute online assessment to measure the 28 key dimensions of happiness. There are no failing scores! You'll receive a full report showing what's working well in your life right now and what is not.

2. Coaching

Get empowering support. Book a 15-minute tele-session to go over your results with a HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® coach. Enjoy eCourses and three virtual coaching sessions with Happy Whole Human Founder Dr. Lisa Leit.

3. Transformation

You will experience a powerful transformation. After just 45 days you'll take the assessment again and be astonished at the results.


"Dr. Leit’s visionary approach to wellness in an easily accessible format is simply brilliant. From the comfort and convenience of home, by way of the Happy Whole Human Website and the Holistic Wellness Program, one is able to access a healing space that feels personal, confidential and sacred. I felt a sense of inspiration, empowerment and self-indulgence. Going “within” felt like a welcome respite, as a sense of serenity and gratitude washed over me. Thank you!"


"POWERFUL personally."


"Now what you are getting with the happy whole human program, is Lisa in an electronic format. It is truly unlike anything else that exists today. The price is an absolute steal compared to what you would pay in a clinical environment with any therapist/counselor/life coach but for very similar benefits. You need not be riddled with traumatic experiences or major depression either to benefit from the program. Literally every single person in existence would find something valuable to take away from it. It is playing an absolutely imperative role in my (and my husband’s) journey towards self-improvement and self-discovery. Wherever you are in life, if you can agree that you have the slightest bit of room for improvement (we all do) then you need to embark upon the Happy Whole Human adventure."


Results, Performance, and Integrity