Happy Whole Human


I would like to thank Susan Loch, Suzanna Ceballos Albright, Jamie Schulze, Dawn Madigan,

Colette Fischer, Andrea Marwah, and Ellen Airhart for invaluable support in manifesting this

program! Also, deepest appreciation to Dr. Deborah Jacobvitz, my graduate advisor at UT

Austin, for guidance and support throughout the process of writing and defending my

Master’s and Doctoral theses. Additionally, I would like to thank both Debby and Dr. Nancy

Hazen-Swann for allowing me to participate in and draw upon their Partners and Parents

Project. Thanks to Dr. Lisa Raskin, Dr. Tommy Darwin, Dr. Anita Vangelisti, Dr. Joan Mullin, Dr.

Melissa Curran, Dr. Silvia Bartolic, Dr. Peg Syverson, Professor Cynthia Bryant, Dr. Ted

Houston, Dr. Cathy Surra, Dr. Timothy Loving, and Dr. Elisabeth McKetta for the application

of their theoretical and conceptual expertise.

I am deeply grateful to my family. Thank you parents, David, Brian, Amy, and Jeffrey for your

absolute and unconditional support and encouragement. And to my forever friends at the UT

Undergraduate Writing Center, Michele Solberg, Vince Lozano, Peg Syverson, Alice Batt,

Chris LeCluyse, Scott Blackwood, Sue Mendelsohn, Alison Perlman, Eliana Schonberg, Alanna

Bitzel, Andy Jones, Andrea Saathoff, and so many others who taught me the power of

acceptance. Also the power of questions…and about enlightened instruction, leadership, and

facilitation. Thank you to my former boss and mentor Stephen Revell, the most efficient and

effective person I have ever known. The HWH Coaching approach and principles are derived

from the stellar practices and teachings of these consummate professionals. To the patient and

supportive first rounds of HWH Coaches…thank you to Matthew Law, Terra Peters, Maggie

Brubaker, Tricia Osborn, Kaitlin Robinson, Michele Aubry, Kelly Belliveau, Evan

Schmiedehaus, Sue Steinfeld, Behnam Arzaghi, and David Preslar.

Thank you to the good people of Whole Foods Market who “got it” and gave us the once in

a lifetime opportunity to pilot this project with such creative and progressive thought

leaders. Steph Steele, John Morgan, Jessica Agneessens, Evan Schmeidehaus, Sue Steinfeld,

Leisha Barnette, Vaishali Jadhav and Glenda Flannigan many thanks for all of your support

and invaluable feedback and suggestions.

To the team at Brillium: Curt Rogers, Rob Dugre, and Michael Hurczyn, thank you for your

invaluable brilliant support in creating and supporting the HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Self-Assessment,

and Happy Whole Human in general. Also, thank you to Mitchell Westmoreland

for composing the relaxing and original music for the HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® self-hypnosis

Mp3s. Many thanks to Yash and the team at Academy of Mine for everything you have done

to create such an innovative platform and to support our success. It is a pleasure to work with

such a stellar team on such an ambitious project!

Deep appreciation to Jessica Agneessens for your fierce advocacy in championing our

cause. Thank you to Vidar Jorgensen, Co-founder of Grameen America & Grameen

PrimaCare, for your kindness and mentorship. And Julie Van Amerongen, and all the folks

at Conscious Capitalism, Inc. for your commitment to spreading the HAPPY WHOLE

HUMAN message! Laura Garnett of Garnett Consulting and Bruce Fritch of Fritch Consulting,

thank you for the encouragement and support! Corey Bell and Katie Gutierrez at Round Table

Companies, it is astounding how you so elegantly distilled the essence of the message which

drives this company and all of the work we do. To Angela Clawson and the extraordinary team

at Texas Monthly, what a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your support of HAPPY

WHOLE HUMAN. Special thanks to John Dunn, David Dunham, and Jennifer Garcia!

Profound gratitude to Forest Ecologist Dr. Dominik Kulakowski for captivating my imagination

with his musings about the nature of life and sparking my 20-year quest to understand what

constitutes optimal relationship dynamics. Also many thanks to David Flaxbart, Head of the UT

Austin Mallet Chemistry Library, Jeremy Denbow, and to all of the chemical information

professionals – including organic chemists – from around the world, who generously provided

commentary on the HWH Carbon Mutuality metaphor. Many thanks to Cole Harmonson for his

epiphany: Self-absorbed patterns can be overcome in any given moment by bringing yourself

into the moment and connecting to yourself and another. It really can be that simple. Show up

and see what happens next. So simple; so true!

To my friends, family, and colleagues, thank you for your camaraderie, collaboration, and

support: Aleah Ames, Ananda Mayi, Beau Schoen, Bill Gossett, Bill Hatfield, Bill Raman, Blair

Knies, Bonnie Golden, Brad Peirce, Brittnae Davidson, Carlos Longoria, Christophe Sanchez,

Chuck Paff, David Tachnick, Deb Gabor, Diana LaGuttuta Hale, Douglas Roberts, Elle Renee

French, Ellie Brett, Ezra, Frank Bruno, Gabriel Ornelas, Gary Della Croce, Helen Lemm, James

Heironimus, Jamie Schulze, Janet Burstein, Jen Heller, Jenny Peloquen, Jeremy Gossett, Jes

Nielsen, Jim Hoadley, Jim Madigan, Jim Roberson, Joani Walsh, Joe Nichols, Kaitlin

Robinson, Karla Bynum, Katherine Paff, Keith Manlove, Kelly Belliveau, Kim Preslar, Kristin

Doyle, Krista Tranquilla, Linda Wagner, Lisa Webb, Lisa Raskin, Lisa Steffek, Lori O’Connor,

Lynne Arial, Maggie Brubaker, Melissa Kruckenberg, Michael Merrick, Mike Dellagala, Nate

Little, Priscilla Morton, Richard Korman, Robert Barlow, Sara O’Connor, Shannon Greene,

Sherry Gossett, Sherry Lowry, Sister, Susan Voelz, Tatiana Jitkoff, Thomas Schulze, Tim

Hamilton, Tom Podleski, and Winn Wittman.

Also, special thanks to Lindsay Redwine, Kevin Burns, and Paula Greenfield Burns for

invaluable support in building my private coaching practice. Deep appreciation to Judi Rosall,

who encouraged me to pursue an advanced degree and is an outstanding mentor and friend.

I honor and appreciate my hundreds of clients, bosses, mentors, professors, employees, and

students…so many beautiful “shiny happy people”!!! You are all such amazing teachers for

me. Without you and our sacred pact to honor the highest and best good in one another, this

project would not have been possible, and I would not be the person that I have become.

The HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® programs draw upon countless reference sources (please see

the References section for attributions). Many thanks to all of the powerful and inspirational

authors, clinicians, researchers, teachers, and thought leaders for their hard work in providing

the resources that support this program!

And lastly, I wish to acknowledge myself for overcoming considerable obstacles and working

diligently for over 20 years to realize this deep-seated, passionate goal. I am proud to say that

in both the best of times and in the darkest hours, I have kept my heart and mind open. I have

learned, and I have improved. If I can do it, so can you. I believe in myself, and I believe in


Warm regards,

Lisa Leit, HWH Founder