Happy Whole Human

Coaching Calls

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Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Coaches provide collaborative support, feedback and tools during on-demand or prescheduled telephone sessions to empower callers to connect to their core competencies, overcome obstacles, and live life increasingly as Happy Whole Humans. Our coaches provide callers with more immediate assistance and access to tools and techniques to meet the day-to-day challenges in their lives and relationships with more awareness and compassion. Callers can schedule consultations in advance, or call for immediate support when coaches are available online.  Calls are scheduled in Central Standard Time.

Coaching Calls

Time Out! -15 Min

Want a pep talk right before a big presentation, date, or job interview? Take a short break to shake off negative thoughts and emotions and get back in the game! This short but powerful session is available for your convenience and empowerment in the moments when you need it most. Cost: $50

Refreshing Recharger-45 Min

Need a pick me up? Let our HWH Certified Wellness Coaches encourage you and remind you of who you really are! Regain clarity and perspective as coaches use both conventional and holistic tools designed to help you relax and decompress from life’s stressors. Cost: $100

15 Min Free Assessment Review

15 min coaching call to go over the Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Test Results (test found at www.happywholehuman.com)  Free of Charge



Our Happy Whole Human Level One ten session customized program is designed to optimize your levels of wellness across 22 dimensions of health and well-being.  Both of our packages* include the fundamental 10 session experience.  Happy Whole Human Plus offers significant additional support as you shift into new habits of thought and behavior and maintain new levels of radiant health, fulfillment, and happiness for the long term!


Happy Whole Human Fundamentals

10 forty-five minute telephone coaching sessions

$800 ($200/20% off)


Happy Whole Human Plus

10 forty-five minute and

10 fifteen minute telephone coaching sessions

$1125 ($375/25% off)



*All prepaid packages are non-refundable, transferable, and expire one year from the date of purchase.