Happy Whole Human

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Coach Certification Program

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Certified Coaches provide collaborative support, feedback and tools to empower clients to connect to their core competencies, overcome obstacles, and live life increasingly as Happy Whole Humans.  Each HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® certified coach is taught to create a completely confidential healing space for their client to relax and embark on a profound life-changing personal journey.  HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® is unique in that it bridges the divide between researchers and clinicians.  Individuals can go through the program in private or with the help of a facilitator.


This HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification Program teaches coach trainees to provide support to their clients, employees, patients, and peers in participating in and improving their holistic health via HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® empowering tools, workbook, eCourses, and coaching.  The courses in this interactive and intensive HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Coaching Certification Program teach coach trainees to use the HWH Program to quantify, verify, and validate the unique personal needs of individuals seeking their guidance and gently provide them with structure, support, and measurable goals as they connect to their core confidence. Our coaches use the framework provided by the HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Fundamentals Program to teach clients tools and techniques to meet the day-to-day challenges in their lives and relationships with more awareness and compassion.

Enrollment is limited and contingent upon completion of the application process.  Each course offered by the HWH Institute of Holistic Wellness includes a written and oral final comprehensive exam.  Upon passing, students will receive a certificate of completion.


Learning Objectives

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® coach trainees will learn how to:

  1.  Create a safe, confidential space for self-discovery, collaboration, and healing.
  2.  Coach clients through the HWH Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program.
  3.  Go over the results of the HWH Self-assessment with a client.
  4. Empower clients to get out of their own way and to respect themselves and others.
  5.  Skillfully employ active listening and the Socratic method to help clients discover what will work best for them.
  6.  Provide meaningful feedback that is non-evaluative, non-directive, and sensitive to the client’s emotions.
  7. Use sessions with clients to teach them empowering tools  to strengthen their confidence and prepare them for life challenges.
  8.  Inspire clients to use their creative subconscious to overcome limitations, connect to their true selves,  and visualize the realization of their goals.
  9. Strengthen clients’ areas of overall well-being that they may have avoided or resisted in the past.
  10.  Refer clients to other professionals and resources when appropriate.
  11.  Help clients create a value-based schedule likely to set them up for success in the realization of their goals.

ICF Objectives

This program also meets the core requirements of the International Coach Federation in:

  • Meeting ICF Ethical Guidelines & Professional Standards
  • Establishing a Coaching Agreement
  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
  • Coaching Presence
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication
  • Creating Awareness
  • Designing Actions
  • Planning & Goal Setting
  • Managing Progress & Accountability
HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN®  Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification Program
Course Description Name of Modules/Time Required reading
Course 1

HWH ICF Certification Course #1:

The Happy Whole Human Fundamentals Program

(experiential, core)

30 hours


Before learning how to coach others, students must first themselves be coached through the HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Coach Training Level 1: Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program, which includes tools and lessons designed to foster habits conducive to their success and fulfillment personally and professionally.



HWH Fundamentals Unit #1: Reclaim Your Life (4 hours)

HWH Fundamentals Unit #2: Self-discovery (6 hours)

HWH Fundamentals Unit #3: Relationships (6 hours)

HWH Fundamentals Unit #4: General Wellness (4 hours)

HWH Fundamentals Unit #5: Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions (6 hours)

HWH Fundamentals Unit #6: Lifestyle Architecture (4 hours)

HWH Handbook

HWH Self-hypnosis Mp3s

Course 2

HWH ICF Coaching Orientation


5 hours


In this ICF coaching orientation course, students will be taught the fundamental definitions, premises, and practices essential to succeeding as an ethical and effective certified coach.


ICF coaching definition (10 minutes)

Coaching vs. therapy (10 minutes)

ICF key terms (20 minutes)

ICF core competencies (20 minutes)

ICF code of ethics (30 minutes)

Confidentiality (1 hour)

When to refer (20 minutes)

Referral resources (10 minutes)

Role playing (2 hours)

Course 3

HWH Coaching Philosophy and Approach


20 hours


In this course, students will learn how to facilitate the HWH holistic wellness program using the non-evaluative, non-directive, and sensitively attuned HWH collaborative facilitation model.  Active listening and the Socratic method, as well as other holistic tools are discussed as well.


Active Listening (3 hours)

Powerful questioning (2 hours)

Socratic method (4 hours)

Non-directive (4 hours)

Non-evaluative (4 hours)

Empowering approach (3 hours)


Course 10

HWH Coaching Philosophy and Approach


Course 4

The Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment



10 hours In this class, students will learn how to administer a comprehensive and psychometrically sound online assessment and support others as they take the corresponding empowering holistic wellness program.  Taking this course will prepare students to use the HWH Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment to quantify, verify, and validate the unique personal needs of individuals seeking their guidance and provide them with structure, support, and measurable results. Overview (30 minutes)

Assessment design (30 minutes)

Rationale (1 hour)

Facilitation protocol (1 hour)

1st time vs. repeated times (1 hour)

Education opportunities (1 hour)

Role playing (5 hours)

Course 5

HWH: There is a WE in Wellness

Using the HWH Handbook- Self and other balance and how it translates into personal and relationship health


20 hours


Students taking this class will learn the difference between caring and codependence, and confidence and self-absorption. The HWH Mutuality Model is based on Founder Dr. Lisa Leit’s research on the importance of overcoming patterns of self-absorption and codependence to work towards compassionate mutuality, a balance between your own and others’ needs and desires. The HWH Mutuality Model, innovative DIY tools, and empowering support are designed to adeptly cultivate individuals’ innate capacity for functional interdependence. Students will familiarize themselves with the research and theory behind the program and learn how to use targeted exercises with clients to help them shift out of unconscious patterns and take better care of themselves and others. Why Self-absorption is a health risk factor (3 hours)

Why codependence is a health risk factor (3 hours)

Overcoming codependence (3 hours)

Overcoming Self-absorption (3 hours)

Conscious vs. Unconscious Relationship Dynamics (3 hours)

Fostering Win/Win Interdependence (5 hours)

Course 6

Advanced Coaching Presence and Approach

20 hours


The lessons in this course build upon the HWH ICF Coaching Orientation and help students to hone and practice the skill of creating and maintaining a genuinely empowering space for growth, learning, healing, and transformation.


Professionalism (1 hour)

Email and phone communications (1 hour)

Confidentiality (2 hours)

Non-directive (1hour)

Non-evaluative (1 hour)

Allowing client to stay in control while maintaining safe space (1 hour)

Sensitivity (1 hour)

Transformative Listening and Questions (4 hours)

Serving as a diagnostician (4 hours)

Boundaries and suggested protocols-handling difficult people and situations (4 hours)


Course 7

HWH Thought and Emotion Management and Decision Making Strategies


25 hours


Students taking this course will be provided with tools and lessons designed to foster new habits of self-awareness, confidence, compassion, accountability, mindfulness, and productive results-oriented thinking and behavior. As clients learn to identify and release stuck emotional energy using tools designed to effectively manage destructive emotions and thoughts, they can return to their daily lives refreshed and armed with stress-management coping strategies grounded in the wisdom of nature. Introduction (30 minutes)

Stabilizing Exercise (30 minutes)

Shifting Negative Thoughts (2 hours)

Overcoming Overwhelm (2 hours)

Regain Control by Shifting Focus (2 hours)

Harness the Power of the Subconscious (2 hours)

Parts Technique (2 hours)

Anger Management (2 hours)

Balancing Reason and Emotion (2 hours)

Calming Yourself Down (2 hours)

Emotion Release Tool (2 hours)

Mindful Observation and Fluidity (2 hours)

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life (2 hours)

Putting it all Together (2 hours)


Course 8

Lifestyle Architecture


5 hours Students taking this class will learn how to support clients in consciously designing a new, intentional and balanced lifestyle.  In working through the Happy Whole Human 28 dimensions of holistic wellness, clients have learned about their core identity, what they need and want, and their passionate purpose. In this course, coach trainees are taught how to empower clients who are ready to take control as they consciously design their lifestyle to create a goal-oriented plan that reflects their priorities and values.



Build a conscious lifestyle (2 hours)

Implement a conscious lifestyle (2 hours)

Tracking progress to stay motivated (1 hour)


Course 9

Goal setting, how to measure progress, planning, business plan, marketing, consulting, timing sessions


Go Guide

10 hours In this course, students will write a white paper designed to share an insight or tool that they have learned during the coach training process.  They will learn how to personalize a comprehensive coaching contract, how to use and interpret intake forms. They will also learn about resources for clients including empowering DIY Tools such as the HWH Store, the HWH Assessment, Self-hypnosis, Pinterest boards, and Dr. Tommy Darwin’s Go Guide. Write a white paper (4 hours)

Personalize an HWH coaching contract (4 hours)

Intake forms (2 hours)


  Total: 145 hours