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HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Mediation Certification

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Mediation Certification
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Mediation Certification


40 hours This HWH mediation certification course will provide students with a thorough training in the essentials of mediation. Upon certification, students will be prepared to effectively screen clients, and help individuals, couples, and groups resolve conflict and find win/win, productive, results-oriented ways to move forward. Conflict resolution basics:


Screening process (2 hours)

Mediation definition (30 minutes)

Mediation process (90 minutes)

Legal and ethical considerations (2 hours)

Power Imbalances (2 hours)

Identifying underlying needs and interests (2 hours)

Negotiation techniques (2 hours)

Win/win solutions (2 hours)

Facilitative approach (2 hours)

Narrative approach (2 hours)

Templates (2 hours)

Creating and writing the MOU (4 hours)

Court processes (1 hour)

Total: 25 hours


Working with couples and family members (3 hours)


Working with groups (2 hours)

Getting to Yes, The Promise of Mediation
Total: 30 hours