Happy Whole Human

Has it Become Unmanageable?

Happy Whole Human Daily Affirmation for Freedom from Addictive Patterns

Do you think you may be grappling with an addiction?  Freedom from Addictive Patterns measures the degree to which you are NOT indicating that you are engaging in addictive behaviors. An addiction is characterized by an unhealthy relationship with something or someone that is intended as a way to escape, relax, or reward oneself. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, people often seek distractions that can manifest as one or more addictions. Addictive patterns can minimize anxiety for at least a short time, but can create a sense of dependence and the illusion that you can’t cope without them, or that you can’t enjoy life without them. Unfortunately, the same coping strategies that serve to help us feel “ok” for at least a little while can cause many other serious problems that cause guilt and shame.  The big question?  Has it become unmanageable?  If so, there is plenty of help available to you when you are ready.