Happy Whole Human

How HWH Membership Works

HWH Holistic Wellness Self-assessment

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Each month, as part of your membership we will email you a link to take the confidential 15 minute online HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment. Our assessment provides you with a tool to measure how things are going for you across 28 essential dimensions of well-being. The act of taking the assessment raises your consciousness and ensures that you are not neglecting any key aspect of your holistic health. In addition to six snapshot measurements of your current overall Happy Whole Human status, the HWH Self-Assessment is divided into three sections, each focusing on a particular area of your overall wellness: 1) Health of Relationship to Self, 2) Health of Relationship to Others, and 3) General Wellness Snapshot (How You Think, Feel, and Act).

Step 2: Review your HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Self-assessment results report. After you complete each Self-Assessment, you will be emailed a personalized results report with a HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistogram snapshot summary highlighting the your HWH strength and growth areas across all 28 dimensions. Additional pages in the report will provide you with customized feedback and recommendations, as well as links to landing pages with subject-specific interactive Pinterest boards and recommended resources. You may also elect to receive HWH Daily Affirmation emails to keep your holistic wellness top of mind.

Step 3: Relax and engage in a confidential process of self-discovery. Avail yourself of our online private healing space (www.happywholehuman.com), where you can simply be who you are and get the support, information, and tools you need to improve your life and relationships across the board. If you want to delve deeper, you will find several ways you can get the tools, support, and structure to transform your life on our website:

The HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Handbook (available in paperback and Kindle format) presents the HWH Mutuality model, the original research on narcissism and codependence which serves as the basis for the program, exercises to improve your individual and relationship health, tools to manage your thoughts and emotions, and suggestions on how to consciously craft a schedule that supports your long term well-being.

eCourses! Six self-paced Do-It-Yourself HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Fundamentals Program eCourses provide an online interactive experience of the content in the HWH Handbook, including videos and presentations.

HWH Self-Hypnosis MP3s. You can download up to 24 affirming HWH Self-Hypnosis MP3s on topics such as prosperity, weight loss, social confidence, smoking cessation, emotion management, and overcoming self-absorbed patterns to help guide the way to wholeness. Almost all the audio files are about 30 minutes long. We provide two options for each of our topics, one with a Deep Sleep ending, and one with an energizing Wake Up! ending. Our Self-Hypnosis audio offerings are designed to complement our Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program and to supplement our HWH Holistic Wellness Coaching and other Do-It-Yourself offerings.

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Coaching. You may opt to go through the HWH program by yourself or with the guidance of a certified HWH coach. Your HWH Self-Assessment results reports can help to focus your collaboration, set targeted goals, and track results over time. The network of coaches in our directory offer tele-coaching, with prepaid discounted packages available.

Every month you will be prompted via email to check in with yourself and take the HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Self-Assessment again. In this way, you can remain conscious of what is working in your life and what areas could use some attention and improvement.