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HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™ Holistic Wellness Coaching

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HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™  Certified Coaches provide collaborative support, feedback and tools during on-demand or prescheduled telephone sessions to empower callers to connect to their core competencies, overcome obstacles, and live life increasingly as Happy Whole Humans. Our coaches provide callers with more immediate assistance and access to tools and techniques to meet the day-to-day challenges in their lives and relationships with more awareness and compassion.

In paid telephone coaching sessions, members of the HWH coaching team are available to coach you through any stressful circumstance, answer questions about the program, and discuss the HWH approach, curriculum, and methods. Our intuitively-gifted coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and are well trained to help clients connect to their true selves, reclaim control over their lives, and move forward in ways that work for all.  HWH guides are dedicated to their own pursuit of mindfulness and respect of self and others. We work to help clients find their own answers, doing our best not to assume that we know what is best for anyone else or to give advice.  HWH guides take a holistic approach with the assumption that everything is related–and that relaxation is key to mental, physical, and relational health. When we have trouble relaxing due to ongoing stressful lifestyles, limiting belief patterns, and “stuck” energy resulting from accumulated stress and trauma, our systems are less likely to function optimally. This can systemically affect many key functions such as sleep processes, emotion management, immunity, and digestion. Compromised system functioning may negatively impact job performance, memory, emotional state, and relationship dynamics.

Our main goal is to provide you with unconditional acceptance and support; we invite you to safely connect with us…and perhaps with yourself in a new way. From that place, we can intuitively assess what types of questions, resources, and/or tools are most likely to be effective and provide targeted efficient assistance in empowering callers. The more we connect, really connect, to others in a spirit of presence, acceptance, and compassion, the more we will notice that, without much effort, there is a shift. And then Voilà!… It is happening.

Our HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™ objective is to help callers relax and move forward in their lives toward mental, physical, and relational health in ways that support their optimal potential as Happy Whole Humans. HWH coaches empower and educate callers so that they increasingly trust and free themselves from limiting contexts, patterns of thought, and behaviors.

About our HWH coaches:

● All dedicated to their own personal growth and pursuit of mindfulness and respect of self and others

● Variety of backgrounds, but all intuitively gifted, well trained to help you connect to your best self, reclaim control over your life, overcome obstacles, manage your emotions, figure out what you want and need and move forward in ways that work for you and others for the common good. In other words, if you’re feeling stuck, reclaim your life!

● Our coaches empower you to get out of your own way and to respect yourself and others. We teach that, no matter what your current circumstance, you’re on a path..everything can be used for growth.


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