Happy Whole Human

HWH Holistic Wellness Fundamentals Program

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  • HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® (HWH) provides an empowering, confidential interactive safe space consisting of online courses, Do-It-Yourself tools, and Tele-coaching.

  • With HWH you will reclaim your life, improve your relationships, improve the way you look and feel, and learn to manage your anxiety, stress, and emotions.

  • HWH provides the most comprehensive and scientific conceptualization of wellness to date.

  • HWH facilitates self-improvement and a way to progress over time.

  • HWH identifies target areas in your life that need improvement.

  • HWH provides an inspiring, transformational holistic wellness program to empower you with information, tools, and support to achieve radiant health, happiness, and fulfillment.

  • HWH provides a process of self-discovery aimed at connecting  you to your core identity.

  • HWH elegantly equips companies with a data-driven way to tune in to and cultivate the capacity of their employees; at the same time measuring the efficacy of programs and trainings.

  • HWH programs and offerings allow “outside the box” win-win approaches for all stakeholders looking to improve well-being, productivity, and engagement across the board.

  • HWH empowers and inspires individuals, groups, and initiatives to improve themselves and the world.

  • Our 6 Self-paced courses are pre-approved for up to 30 hours of Continuing Education Credits when applicable.

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® creates a relaxing, safe, private place for individuals to conquer their fears, get out of their own way and learn to live as a Happy Whole Human–radiant, happy, and fulfilled.  Many people seek HWH because they have a sense that something is wrong, and they need help either figuring out what it is and making a change, or moving forward. Because our overall quality of life and health are related to many factors, HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® provides an interactive, customized, relaxing, safe space to look at what’s going on in your life in many areas.


The HWH Fundamentals Program provides you with cutting-edge tools, structure, and support as you raise your consciousness and overcome the personal challenges that contribute to chronic stress, interpersonal drama, disassociation, dissatisfaction, apathy, and burn out.  In this way, our holistic program improves on traditional ways of thinking about wellness, adding specific key components of mental, emotional, and interpersonal health.

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® is also unique in that it bridges the divide between researchers and clinicians.  You can go through the program in private or with the help of a facilitator, therapist, or coach. The HWH  program provides a holistic structure to your process of self-improvement and a way to track progress over time.  If some dimension of your life is not working, use the HWH Self-Assessment to identify not only that target area, but also contributing and related imbalances.


HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® is dedicated to helping people discover and learn more about who they really are, to follow their instincts about how to heal their bodies and minds, and to realize their desired outcomes. HWH programs, products, and services help you return to your daily life refreshed and armed with stress-management coping strategies grounded in the wisdom of nature.


HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® provides an online happy place to simply be who you really are, learn more about yourself, and make any changes you wish to make. HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® is a completely private online healing space for you to relax and embark on a profound life-changing personal journey. This online, 6-part course is completely confidential and designed to help you learn more about yourself than ever before.  We will never share your assessment results or worksheet entries with anyone, including your employer.

Researchers have found that three things explain debilitating problems like stress, poor recovery from chronic illness, difficulties with achievement and productivity, and acting out behaviors such as drug addiction: 1. Neglect of self, 2. Behavior in relationships, and 3. General health behavior. Using Dr. Lisa Leit’s original research, HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® provides a framework for evaluating and understanding your intrapersonal and relational dynamics to help you improve your relationship with yourself and others and achieve radiant health, happiness, and fulfillment.

The HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Fundamentals Program provides a sophisticated research-based self-assessment, a six-part online course designed to help people improve their lives and relationships, access to HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® coaches, as well as do-it-yourself tools such as unique compilations and self-hypnosis recordings that you can’t find anywhere else.

The HWH Mutuality Model is based on Founder Dr. Lisa Leit’s research on the importance of overcoming patterns of self-absorption and codependence to work towards compassionate mutuality, a balance between your own and others’ needs and desires. This study was part of The Partners and Parents Project, led by Dr. Deborah Jacobvitz and. Dr. Nancy Hazen at the School of Human Ecology at the University of Texas at Austin. The HWH Mutuality Model, innovative DIY tools, and empowering support are designed to adeptly cultivate individuals’ innate capacity for functional interdependence. Her findings suggest that:

1. Interpersonal drama, lapses in productivity, and overall stress and dissatisfaction are closely related to imbalances in how we treat ourselves and others.

2. Self-absorbed and codependent patterns characterize the overwhelming majority of relationships and are risk factors for problems with physical and mental health, as well as for negative relationship outcomes.

By factoring relationship dynamics into the HWH Holistic Wellness Self-assessment and our corresponding set of courses and offerings, HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® provides the most comprehensive and meaningful conceptualization of wellness to date.