Happy Whole Human

HWH Membership Terms and Agreements

*Monthly Membership; Term and Renewal
The monthly membership fee for HWH membership is $19.99 and the first month is free with PROMO CODE: HAPPYSTART and may be cancelled by you at any time prior to the expiration date of the free trial month membership term and your credit or debit card will not be charged. You can cancel the HWH membership (i) by notifying Member Services by telephone at 1-855-HWH-LIVE (Members located outside of the U.S. should call 1-512-481-7070) or by email. If you elect not to cancel your membership during the free trial month, then upon expiration of the free one-month membership term, the card on file for you will automatically be charged $9.99/month until you opt to cancel. The resulting one-year term of membership will automatically renew each month at the then-current fee, approximately one month prior to your membership expiration date, for additional one-year terms that commence on the day after the previous term ends unless you notify Member Services of your decision to opt out of automatic renewal membership or your membership is cancelled or terminated.

Membership fees in the amount of $19.99 (plus applicable taxes in accordance with state laws), will be billed monthly automatically to the credit or debit card we currently have on file, obtained as follows:

  • When you enroll in monthly Happy Whole Human membership subscription online, the membership fee will be billed to the form of payment we currently have on file for you that was active in your HWH Stripe account at the time of the enrollment or the renewal.
  • If you renew your membership for a full term and your account shows that you have agreed to automatic renewal, the membership fee for subsequent renewals will be billed to: (i) the form of payment we currently have on file for you that was used to enroll in the membership, (ii) the form of payment we currently have on file for you that you provided to us at the time of renewal, or (iii) the form of payment we currently have on file for you that you updated by calling member services.

Cancellation; Termination
Annual membership is non-refundable, but transferable, and expires one year from the day of purchase. You have the right to cancel your monthly Membership at any time by: (i) calling Member Services at 1-855-HWH-LIVE (Members located outside of the U.S. should call 1-512-676-5817) or (ii) contacting us via email.  Although we will not refund paid membership fees, we will cancel your membership immediately upon request and will not charge your card for months subsequent to your cancellation.

  • We may terminate your membership, including any associated accounts, without notice, for any reason in our sole discretion, including without limitation our belief that continued use of such Membership would violate any provisions of this agreement, applicable law, or otherwise be harmful to our interests. In the event of any such termination, you will not be entitled to a refund of your paid membership fee.
  • We may terminate any or all of the benefits available under the HWH member program at any time with or without notice. In the event of our termination of the HWH member program, at our election we will either maintain your membership benefits until expiration of the membership current term or refund each member a pro rata portion of the paid membership fee for the remaining portion of the current paid membership term.