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Increase Happiness and Boost Your Bottom Line-The Conscious Way

Business is about people.  It’s about customers. It’s about leadership. It’s about employees.


Companies that recognize holistic employee well-being as the new competitive advantage are poised for sustainability and success.


As you know, companies of all sizes are looking for ways to transform the way they do business to increase profits, productivity, and ingenuity while not spending a lot to do so.


I’ve recently been invited to be a guest speaker at the 2015 Boost Your Company’s Bottom Virtual Tele-Summit, and this year’s topic is “Learn How To Reduce Healthcare Costs And Employee Stress To Increase Happiness In Profits-The Conscious Way.”

That’s what this summit is all about:

  • How to navigate the complicated new world of “grey areas” between your personal and professional life to strike a profitable – yet comfortable – balance between getting things done and enjoying your life at the same time…

  • Why “Emotional Intelligence” and it’s business implications are more critical than ever in this post-recession business reality…

  • The reason that employee happiness is a reliable profit predictor…

  • How “alignment” in business = Sustainable profits…

  • And much more…

Leading experts on conscious leadership, human performance, stress reduction, and more are gathering for two weeks to discuss how to leverage “Emotional Intelligence” to building a stronger, more resilient company.

Here’s just a few of the topics that’ll be covered:

  • How the practice of meditation can radically change your employee’s view of the world around them to bring more clarity, meaning, and calmness to themselves and others.

  • Leadership skills that will give you and your company a competitive advantage that will stand the test of time.

  • Top experts dive deep into “Emotional Intelligence” and show you how to start implementing these principles into your daily routines, business theory, and even your corporate culture for a more balanced, productive life…

There is a way to be a transformational participant in conscious business.  Take advantage of these speakers and their wealth of knowledge to serve you and your company… everyone deserves to be healthy, happy, and profitable.

I want to invite you to this free event.

All you have to do is join me and the other experts by following this registration link below:


Once you Opt In, you will be sent directions with how to access ALL the Speakers and their 30 minute interviews in one place.

Join me in the other experts as we explore this incredibly timely topic.

Hope to see you there!

Warm  regards,

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What’s really exciting and possible about this summit…studies show that 90% of happiness is predicted by a person’s internal state. Therefore, if you would like to change your personal, your family, your  company’s bottom line, it’s time to examine the internal state of your own and others’ well-being.