Happy Whole Human

Instructions: Course Navigation and Completion

Instructions: Course Navigation and Completion


  • The lessons contain various innovative and interactive aspects, resources, and tools.  HWH Program content is regularly updated and thus is a dynamic, evolving environment for self-discovery and personal development.


  • To proceed through the program, you must go through each of the sections in consecutive order and click “Complete Lesson” or take and pass each lesson quiz.


  • When a lesson has an embedded PDF fillable form, you may save or print out the form.   Please note that any answers that you enter into the web page cannot be saved or printed out.  You need to save the form to your computer before your entries can be saved.  We will never have or keep your entries.


  • After either clicking “Complete Lesson” or passing the quiz, click the small gray navigation > arrow on the bottom right of your screen to get to the next lesson.  Example:  “>”
  • You may complete parts of course and come back later to complete other sections, but be aware that only submitted entries are saved.


  • When you are finished with all of the lessons in the program, you will complete a comprehension test consisting of questions taken directly from the program content. When you pass the comprehension test you will receive a certificate.



 If you need to stop midway through a lesson before completing it and taking the quiz, you may easily jump right back in where you left off!  When you are ready to resume, click the “My Happy Place” tab on the www.happywholehuman.com site and select and click on your course in progress.  All the lessons you have completed will have green checks next to them, so it will be easy for you to restart where you left off by clicking the lesson in progress.