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Management Consulting

Are you among the 78% of employers worldwide who are strongly committed to looking at wellness to drive company performance and cut health costs? If so, let us give you the support you need to improve your employees’ happiness, productivity, and engagement!  My elegantly simple and inspiring turn-key, data-driven substantiated holistic wellness program helps people help themselves with an online membership program that confidentially accesses and improves 28 aspects of a balanced life. Aggregate reporting gives you a way to listen to how your employees are doing, empower them with the resources they need to improve individually and as a team and create an effective plan to boost morale, performance, and cut health-care costs.

Group plans include executive coaching for your leadership team, customized management consulting, individual memberships for your employees, aggregate reporting, and ongoing support. We help you identify hidden risk factors within your organization and teach your employees how to take care of themselves and to work more effectively with others to realize your organization’s goals. We ensure third party expertise, confidentiality, and support for employees and management.

Additional coaching, workshops, trainings, and customization available upon request.

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