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HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN HR Managers Holistic Wellness Program-Monthly Billing

$19.99 / month

Using Dr. Lisa Leit’s original research, HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN provides a framework for evaluating and understanding intrapersonal and relational dynamics to help individuals improve their relationship with themselves and others and achieve radiant health, happiness, and fulfillment.  The HWH Fundamentals Program provides you with cutting-edge tools, structure, and support as you guide people to assess and overcome the personal challenges that contribute to chronic stress, interpersonal drama, disassociation, dissatisfaction, apathy, and burn out.  In this way, this holistic program improves on traditional ways of thinking about wellness, adding specific key components of mental, emotional, and interpersonal health.  In this way, our program draws upon current trends to support individuals holistically to facilitate overall improvements in productivity, as well as workplace engagement, satisfaction, empowerment, professionalism, and ethics.




This activity has been approved for Recertification Credit Hours: 21.75 Specified Credit Hours: HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™, SPHRi™ recertification through HR Certification Institute’s® (HRCI®). Please make note of the activity ID number on your recertification application form. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute website at www.hrci.org.

Product Description

HWH Memberships Include Access to:

  • The HWH Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment
  • A Personalized HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Handbook
  • Email Invitations to take Follow Up Self-Assessments every month
  • 15 minute coaching tele-sessions to go over your assessment results
  • 7 eCourses


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment. After you sign up for HWH Membership,* you will receive an email invitation to take the confidential 15 minute online HWH Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment. HWH Founder Dr. Lisa Leit designed the research-based online HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment to cultivate both individual well-being and relationship quality. The assessment provides you with a tool to measure how things are going for you across 28 essential dimensions of well-being. The act of taking the HWH assessment raises your consciousness and ensures that you are not neglecting any key aspect of your holistic health. In addition to six snapshot measurements of your current overall Happy Whole Human status, the HWH Self-Assessment is divided into three sections, each focusing on a particular area of your overall wellness: 1) Health of Relationship to Self, 2) Health of Relationship to Others, and 3) General Wellness Snapshot (How You Think, Feel, and Act).


Step 2:  After you enroll and complete the HWH Self-Assessment you will receive an email containing your customized HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Handbook.  This comprehensive, personalized PDF report details your scores across all HWH 28 dimensions of health.  Following the HWH Holistogram® overview of your results, you will find relevant comments, recommendations, exercises, and information to help you improve in your targeted growth areas over time.  Your HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Handbook includes tools and lessons designed to foster habits conducive to your success and fulfillment.


Step 3: Following your completion of the HWH Self-Assessment, you may opt to take the 7 supplemental eCourses included in your membership.**  These six self-paced Do-It-Yourself HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Fundamentals Program eCourses provide an online interactive experience of the same HWH Holistic Wellness core curriculum content presented in your HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Handbook. The courses include audio files, videos, and presentations.  The seventh course teaches you to facilitate the program with your groups.

7 eCourses included with enrollment:

1-Reclaim Your Life



4-General Wellness

5-Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions

6-Lifestyle Architecture

7-HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Facilitator Certification 


Step 4:  Retake the HWH Self-Assessment to Stay On Top of Your Health. Every month, you will be prompted via email to check in with yourself and take the HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Self-Assessment again. In this way, you can remain conscious of what is working in your life and what areas could use some attention and improvement.


 *Click here for Individual Membership Terms and Conditions


**Please make sure you are using the following version (or higher): 

* Mozilla Firefox 3.5 

* Google Chrome 21 

* Safari 4.0 

* Internet Explorer 9

Note: Flash version 11.1 is required.

For instructions on how to navigate our eCourses, please click here or see the Course Orientation link in the footer of this website.

Click here for the HWH HR Managers Program Overview and Course Curriculum.

Click here to learn more about the rationale and research behind the HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® program. 

This HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Holistic Wellness Program is pre-approved for up to 21.75 recertification (HR (General)) credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI).  At the end of each eCourse you will be prompted to take a comprehension exam. Upon passing, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.  If you are seeking HRCI recertification hours, the HWH program preapproval code will be provided upon completion of course #7.  If you wish to submit certificates for courses 1-6 (prior to completion of the entire 7 course program), you will need to submit your completion certificates directly to the HRCI and ask for partial credit to be conferred. 

To print an HRCI approval certificate for 21.75 recertification (HR (General)) credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification, do the following: 

  1. Log into the https://recert.hrci.org/account/login
  2. Enter the HWH Activity ID (from the course #7 certificate) in the filter 
  3. Change the Status filter from “Inbox” to “Completed Activities” 
  4. Click filter 
  5. Click the PDF icon to the right of your approved activity 

Click here for more information on reporting your recertification credits to HRCI.

Do you have an organization dedicated to empowering your employees and fostering health, happiness, and engagement? We also offer customized programs for groups, including aggregate reporting, customized dashboards, executive coaching, and targeted coaching and trainings.

Click Here for Information on Group Plans

You will learn to:

1. Improve the way you respond to stressful situations, adapt to shifting priorities, and work productively in the face of uncertainty when working as an HR professional.

2. Be a better listener and to communicate more honestly, proactively, and effectively to find win-win solutions with employees, supervisors, and colleagues.

3. More confidently think for yourself, solve problems, take initiative, and be a productive team player in both your work and personal life.

4. Cultivate your innate capacity and connect to your core, whole self so that you can be more curious, open-minded, responsive to feedback, creative, and innovative.

5. Be more inclusive, responsive, and helpful to others when appropriate in conflict mediations, negotiations, and in life.

6. Ask clarifying questions to understand and consider the interests of others, as well as to more confidently share your own ideas and feedback in collaborations and negotiations at work and in life.

7. Express more interest in the experiences of others, to be more neutral, and to more openly and honestly admit your mistakes and accept personal responsibility for your performance, behaviors and actions.

8. Provide insightful, motivational, accurate, and constructive feedback to others when appropriate.

9. Be more effectively strategic in the way that you work with others to achieve short and long term goals as an HR professional and in general.

10. Seek feedback and share information and viewpoints openly and directly with others, as well as to provide information in an organized, easy to follow manner in a variety of settings.

11. Value and welcome diversity of thought, creativity, and collaboration and adapt more quickly to changes and priorities as needed in negotiations, transactions, and in life.

12. Use what you learn about yourself to create and maintain a realistic and conscious calendar to enable you to meet your goals and manage your time more effectively.


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