Happy Whole Human

You are Worthy of Respect

Happy Whole Human Daily Affirmation for Positive Self Focus

Positive Self Focus measures your current level of self-esteem and your degree of self-confidence, healthy assertiveness, and self-respect. Self-esteem can be defined as a feeling resulting from the effective management of genuine pride and shame/embarrassment. Contrary to popular opinion, having a high opinion of yourself and being confident and assertive are good for you and actually don’t hurt anyone else!  Other peoples’ feelings may be hurt because their egos may want you to be and do what they think you should do, but that doesn’t mean that ultimately being your authentic self and doing what you need to do is in any way harmful to them. Positive self-concept is essential to Happy Whole Human wellness as confidence and self-esteem are related to positive mental and physical health and realization of goals.

December 17, 2015