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Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Assessment Program 

Dr. Leit’s visionary approach to wellness in an easily accessible format is simply brilliant. From the comfort and convenience of home, by way of the Happy Whole Human Website and the Holistic Wellness Program, one is able to access a healing space that feels personal, confidential and sacred. I felt a sense of inspiration, empowerment and self-indulgence. Going “within” felt like a welcome respite, as a sense of serenity and gratitude washed over me. Thank you!


It turns out you can take care of yourself and give more to an organization. You can be whole. It doesn’t have to be this vampire exercise. That, to me, is the major allure of this work, because there is no help unless you identify and stop your co-dependence. That’s why this work is so revolutionary.

 -Jessica Agneessens, Founder, Academy for Conscious Leadership


The Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Program is a fantastic tool for personal growth and development. This program has been an enlightening experience for me. The self-reflection questions really made me think, and I learned new things about myself. In order to grow, you really need to be honest with yourself and this program guides you to do just that. Additionally, Dr. Leits’ self-hypnosis mp3s are great and I highly encourage you to listen to them! They have helped me sleep better, and have a better general sense of well-being!


Thank you for the test and session, I am glad to know that this is a resource as I go forward. Love the concept that each time you take the test it will improve, just purely from self awareness. I am already making changes in my life, from the weaknesses that were outlined in the test. My feeling of adversity had previously been vague and hard to articulate and now I know what exactly are my struggles and where I should put my focus.

-Program participant

I love that WFM offers this, and found it incredibly valuable. I can't wait to take advantage of more resources!

-Rula, Whole Foods Market


I have already recommended this! Love it.

-Beth, Whole Foods Market

I truly appreciated the stimulating HWH assessment and the insightful coaching. The approach was simple and illuminating. I identified some profound areas for growth. Many thanks.

 -Andy, Whole Foods Market

We all have the strength, wisdom, and confidence within to meet our challenges. Sometimes we just need a solid support system to help bring it to the surface. Dr. Leit and her program did that for me and I am eternally grateful.


Now what you are getting with the happy whole human program, is Lisa in an electronic format. It is truly unlike anything else that exists today. The price is an absolute steal compared to what you would pay in a clinical environment with any therapist/counselor/life coach but for very similar benefits. You need not be riddled with traumatic experiences or major depression either to benefit from the program. Literally every single person in existence would find something valuable to take away from it. It is playing an absolutely imperative role in my (and my husband’s) journey towards self-improvement and self-discovery. Wherever you are in life, if you can agree that you have the slightest bit of room for improvement (we all do) then you need to embark upon the Happy Whole Human adventure.

I have sat in countless mental health professionals’ offices, crying my eyes out, claiming there is no hope for me for the future. If I could go back to my past self now, I wouldn’t worry about a thing. I can only imagine how much others could benefit as well. The program itself is fun, interactive, thought-provoking, and easy to get through. It doesn’t feel like you are sitting down trudging through endlessly wordy passages or lectures. It does the work for you. You devote the time, and you heal and grow. Just like that. The self hypnosis files are fantastic for their individual specifications (gain confidence, quit smoking, let go of the past etc.) and also for experiencing general deep relaxation and peacefully drifting off into sleep at night. It is truly an experience that transcends words and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.


Workshops and Presentations

Thanks so much Dr. Lisa Leit and Angela Hollingsworth Gohokar - it was amazing to get your guidance and great inputs. Loved it!! Awesome session and very engaging. 


The highlight of the [Conscious Capitalism] concurrent sessions was the illuminating Dr. Lisa Leit [pronounced, 
“light”], Founder of the Happy Whole Human Institute for Holistic Wellness. One of her client partners, Jessica Agneessens, Founder of the Academy for Conscious Leadership at Whole Foods Market, co-presented, highlighting the customization of the HWH™ Program for Whole Foods. Together, they presented wisdom and Happy Whole Human™ tools that demonstrate just how much further the most conscious corporations are going to support the performance maximizing benefits of “happy whole human” business culture. 


re: Lisa Leit - POWERFUL personally

-Workshop attendee

Lisa and Melissa (Reiff, CEO of The Container Store) were the highlight of my CC 2015.

-Workshop attendee

Coach Certification Trainees

I have received my coaching certifications from Happy Whole Human and could not be happier with the training I have received. Dr. Lisa Leit, who teaches the certification courses, is so enthusiastic, caring, and authentic--I could not ask for a more experienced, knowledgeable, or trustworthy mentor. The programs are well-developed, delivered live via zoom, and I feel extremely well-prepared and powerfully equipped to serve clients and help them reach genuine and lasting transformation using the Happy Whole Human curriculum, tools, and validated assessment. Thank you for this wonderful and highly-recommendable program! 

- Robyn 


It was so beautiful…even when I was just beginning the practicum, a client told me that I changed her life. To me that is a testimony that these protocols work. I learned that the process works. Helping people become incrementally more conscious of their choices and who they are (less is more) was very profound. I intend to use it merged with my MBA because I’m super interested in the future of the workforce and doing research around capabilities in the future and organizational architecture. And part of that is helping people become more creative so they can innovate and businesses can become more relevant. So I am weaving the work of consciousness into that path. I’m excited to help leaders develop more distinct human characteristics so they can lead their businesses and their families and communities in a healthier, more conscious way. I learned how to facilitate clients accessing the subconscious and using that part of the innovative mind to help people unlock who they really were. What my clients want and what I want is to know who I really am and who they really are and just do that. Through the protocols, I had a lot of aha moments because of the unraveling process; they already knew what they needed to do. It just was forgotten, or replaced with a habit or a limiting belief. It was a beautiful process of people getting connected with who they really were. After heavily studying the theory in the coach training program felt abstract until it was applied and then I become conscious of the process. I don’t need to overcomplicate it or have attachment to the outcome. I looked at ways that I was overdoing it. I saw a maturing of the clients…even though their environment had not changed. They were just more empowered to make more conscious choices. They felt just like the heat of their concern was taken away and more able to choose.



The Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness offers world-class instruction, support, and unique, highly innovative and professionally useful program. So glad to have found you! All the best and many more years of creativity, productivity and success.



I feel like the hypnosis training was especially impactful for me and gave me additional tools and resources to help develop a more sensitive set of processes that help them structurally integrate strategies to overcoming barriers.



Knowing the protocol and tools, it just continually surprised me with how powerful they are. It was so powerful and moving for clients and that makes me feel so happy for them.



Coaching Clients

I can't say enough nice things about how impressed I am with Dr. Lisa Leit. She is an amazingly gifted educator, counselor and coach, and I have benefited tremendously from her guidance, both personally and professionally. I have also referred Lisa and her team to those seeking executive coaching and organizational leadership and her results are just outstanding.

-John, Whole Foods Market

As a busy professional with varied and challenging responsibilities, it is hard to always maintain a winning attitude. I sought executive coaching with Lisa to reduce my stress and improve the effectiveness of my communications. Interestingly, in the process, I learned more about my own needs and am feeling more present, fulfilled, and at peace. Still busy and productive, but feeling much more relaxed and happy in the process.

- David, Texas Monthly

Lisa was quick to reach out and set up appointments with both Crystal and Robyn to find a good fit (both were great). It was easy to take the assessment and it gave structure to the consultations. Everyone at Happy Whole Human was able to explain the process of the program they provide. I look forward to starting soon!



I feel confident after this first session that Robyn will be great to work with to form a plan for repairing work relationships and getting in tune with where I want my future career to go.



Dr. Lisa Leit helped me accomplish coping skills in divorcing a narcissist. She is client focused, but also listens intently to the difficulties I had as being co-dependent on an emotional abusive spouse. She helped me understand my issues, and how to overcome the difficulties I had while going through a divorce. She gave great suggestions on what to say and how a narcissist will react. I recommend Dr. Lisa Liet in helping with my closure I need to move on. She offers ways to my self closure.


Excellent Emotional Education – Dr. Leit is extremely helpful, completely nonjudgmental and offers powerful strategies intelligently coping with one's emotions and stressors. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is going through a tough time or just wants some tools for introspection.


The two coaching sessions I attended were amazing. I will be looking into the additional resources offered.

-Mary Beth, Whole Foods Market


Fresh perspectives! The coaching call was incredibly rich in spite of the limited length of time... I was incredibly uplifted!

-Client, Whole Foods Market


I found Lisa a delight to work with – professional, personal and positive – and she certainly challenged me. It was great talking with her and having her break down a couple pieces of my assessment in a way that I could better digest. I love receiving the daily emails as well. It's a great way to keep this top of mind and small enough to latch onto for the day.

 -Nicole, Whole Foods Market


Crystal is a magician! I can throw my scattered thoughts and ramblings at her and she reflects them back to me with absolute clarity. Her ability is nothing short of magical!! 💜


Are you stuck in your career or want to make a change? Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or are you in a dwindling relationship? Dr. Leit transformed my approach to my career as well as my intimate relationships! She gave me much needed, actionable tools to manage my fears, as well as my stagnation. She is a master at holding up a mirror with compassion and sensitivity, while being effective and skillful. I have recommended Dr. Leit to several friends experiencing turbulence in their marriages, their parenting ability, as well as when they have been stuck in their careers. Dr. Leit brings a plethora of modalities to the table and intuitively matches them to your own personal needs for optimal growth and actualization. If I could give more stars I would! If you’re looking for a quick balance or long term strategy and support, then you are in great hands – book an appointment before she stops taking new clients!

-Kaitlin S.


Because of Lisa’s history, education, empathy and combination of passion and compassion as well as an incredible sense of humor, she has the best tools that money can’t buy and she is wonderful at sharing them and teaching me how to best use them. I have known Lisa for over five years and although I initially went to her with career and weight issues, I continue to seek her out for help in other areas as well. I was able to transition out of a toxic job and I lost over 40 pounds! What I learned in the process has helped me work through life’s challenges including relationships, feeling stuck, depression, anxiety, lethargy… If Lisa could be offered in a pill form, I’d take it every day and recommend it to everyone I know!

 -Pauline Z.

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